Lily Bonga is an artist, scholar, museum and archaeological professional with experience in fieldwork, research, publications, illustration, photography, curation, database entry, and cataloging. 20 years of experience in cultural institutions in Greece and the United States.
Lily hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She has spent over a year and half of her life in a tent, and celebrated three birthdays inside caves. Until the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019, she rarely spent more than one month in the same place.
Welcome to my personal website! On here you can find information about my education, work experience, explore my portfolio of archaeological illustration, photography, and access my research on Neolithic Greece.
Please feel to contact me to discusses your project ideas and learn what services I can provide you with, from archaeological illustration, help with research and editing, artistic endeavors, photography, or ceramic analysis.
Thank you!
I would like to thank the scholars who gave me permission to use images that I made for their projects on this website, friends and colleagues who took pictures of me in action, and all those who encouraged and helped me over the years.
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